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MonitorPro replaces SAPEC to improve consistency, flexibility and automation for global resources

BHP Billiton are a leading global resources company. Their purpose is to create long-term shareholder value through the discovery, acquisition, development and marketing of natural resources.


Following a recent change within BHP Billiton in the way HSEC data was managed, the Pinto Valley operations, already a user of MonitorPro - Desktop approached us to help. There was now a need for sites to implement a system to help them manage Health, Safety and Environmental data that had previously been captured in a corporate SAP system. System. The main focus was to build a MonitorPro - Desktop database which could replace the calculations for resource usage and the associated steps to calculate CO2e emission rates, previously completed in SAPEC. 


One of our Consultants went to Arizona in late May 2012 to assist with scoping out the requirements and making a start on building the database and required calculations. We then set about creating a database with the required variables which matched the variables in the current SAPEC system and those in the new 1SAP system. Variables were also created for the raw data captured by the site staff in the units of their preference. MonitorPro - Desktop then takes the raw data and uses unit conversions to present the data in a consistent format. Imperial measurements, often the unit of preference for the raw data in the US was converted to metric equivalents for use in the later calculations.

Next the data is taken and Factors are applied to convert fuel, gas and diesel usage to tonnes of CO2 equivalent. One further aggregation step consolidates the CO2e data into 1SAP variables for output and the whole process is completed automatically by MonitorPro - Desktop. One last task was to create a custom output so data could be exported directly without transcription of the data to the corporate system. Another department of BHP Base Metals North America- Reclamation and Closed Mines have also adopted MonitorPro - Desktop and used the basic outline of the Pinto Valley database to capture its natural resource usage across its portfolio of closed mine sites in the US and Canada

Both R&CM and Pinto Valley have also purchased MonitorPro Web to further add flexibility in capturing this data and reviewing and sharing information within the business units.

Now the individuals who capture the raw material usage at a site level can auto upload their figures to MonitorPro - Desktop or manually enter them into MonitorPro Web, utilising real-time data validation. In addition, sites can view their raw material usage trends using the MonitorPro Web Dashboard feature.

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