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Canadian Diamond mine needs an integrated solution to consolidate all environmental monitoring

The Diamond Mine is a combined surface and underground diamond mine located approximately 300km north-east of Yellowknife, in the Northwest Territories of Canada. The site has been operating since 1998, and in 2013 operations were taken over by Dominion Diamond Corporation.

The actual Diamond Mine is very remote, and for most of the year can be accessed only by air from Yellowknife. For an 8-10-week period between January and April each year, the site is serviced via the Tibbitt to Contwoyto Winter Road.


Through over 15 years of operation, the Canadian Diamond Mine had adopted several systems to assist in the management of their many environmental monitoring programs and the data generated by these programs. In 2012, EHS Data responded to a request for tenders to replace these systems with an integrated solution. MonitorPro was successful chosen based on its capable range of features and inbuilt flexibility. 

The System

The business chose a MonitorPro Enterprise package, incorporating MP-Link and MP-Field for seamless input of data, MP-Web for simple viewing of this data and MP-5 for management and administration of the system. Initially their system is being hosted by EHS Data with the intention of migrating the system to site-based servers at a future date.

The Implementation

A data transfer was undertaken by EHS Data in early 2014 to migrate existing data from a combination of access and excel based systems to the MonitorPro database. Shortly following this, a consultant from EHS Data visited the site to undertake initial training with both users and system administrators. Due to the very specific nature of their requirements, the Diamond Mine had also requested at the tender stage a number of bespoke developments to the system, so a detailed scoping exercise for these developments was also undertaken during this site visit, in addition to identifying bespoke data import and reporting requirements.

The Results

The Canadian business are now utilising their MonitorPro system to manage much of their data collection, analysis and reporting. A number of developments are currently being undertaken by EHS Data to further streamline these processes. Usage of MonitorPro is also being expanded through the identification and integration of further data streams to the system.

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