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Australian Local Authority chooses MonitorPro to monitor complex and varying data

The Mackay Regional Council area is one of the fastest growing regions in Queensland. Covering the areas of the former Sarina and Mirani shires and Mackay city, it extends 7261 square kilometres


Environmental Monitoring Data from the monitoring locations was being managed through a combination of manual forms and a number of large Excel workbooks. These were time consuming to maintain and made it difficult to audit the integrity of historical data. In May 2010, Mackay issued a Request for Proposal for an Environmental Data Monitoring System, to which EHS Data responded and MonitorPro - Desktop was chosen as the most appropriate system. Mackay operate a LIMS database for the on-site laboratory which is used to analyse council sampling and required this to link with MonitorPro - Desktop.

The System

Mackay originally purchased MonitorPro - Desktop as an application for potable and waste water testing data. MonitorPro - Desktop automatically interacts with the LIMS system to create a comprehensive overview of all water monitoring within the region. The system was expanded in 2013 to include an asset management database.

Mackay Regional Council has nearly 350 assets related to their landfill, drinking water and sewerage management responsibilities. Types of asset include reservoirs, pumping stations, waste transfer stations, storage facilities, etc. These are grouped into various service entities and service areas. Each asset has codes and names associated with it.

Each of these assets have multiple locations where samples are taken. Additionally a variety of other data types are received, such as flows and volumes.

The highly flexible structure of MonitorPro - Desktop meant that all of this information and data could be managed in a single, central database. The data selection system means that any combination of data types, service entities and assets can be analysed easily.

The Implementation

An initial data transfer was undertaken by EHS Data in 2010 to migrate existing data from Excel workbooks to the MonitorPro - Desktop database. Shortly following this, a consultant from EHS Data visited Mackay and conducted an implementation visit.

Further visits over the following four years were conducted to assist with system development and implementation of new additions to MonitorPro - Desktop.

The Results

Mackay Regional Council are now utilising MonitorPro - Desktop to manage Environmental Monitoring Data across several departments within the council. This has greatly improved efficiency and provides a confidence in the integrity of the data using an accredited data management system.

In 2014 the council laboratory started to increase the number of external clients and will be managing the data through MonitorPro - Desktop. Each individual external client will have a personalised login to MonitorPro - Web to analyse the results in a simple way.

All data exported from the LIMS system can now be validated through MonitorPro - Desktop leading to greater data integrity and co-operation between the council departments.

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