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Magnox chooses MonitorPro to monitor the decommissioning data of several nuclear power plants

Magnox, owned by Cavendish Fluor Partnership, is the management and operations contractor responsible for safely managing ten nuclear sites and one hydroelectric plant in the UK working for the sites’ owner, the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA). Magnox are responsible for managing the sites through their lifecycles, overseeing all aspects of electricity generation, defueling and decommissioning. Final site clearance is currently underway as the last stage in a site’s lifecycle, which involves dismantling the reactor vessels and dispatching any remaining waste to its final destination. 


Magnox is moving from a production state to care and maintenance. Each site is being returned to a passive state, allowing radiation levels to decay naturally over time.

During this time the sites will be continuously monitored and planned maintenance and inspection activities will be undertaken.

In October 2012 Magnox approached EHS Data in providing an Environmental Data Monitoring System that will handle the monitoring of the sites as they move into care and maintenance.

The programme will be managed by the Magnox Hub with the first site to set up the system being the Bradwell power station close to the Essex coastline. Bradwell will become the first reactor site in the UK to enter care and maintenance in 2015.



The System

Magnox Hub purchased a MonitorPro - Enterprise package consisting of five licences of MonitorPro - Desktop and five licences of MonitorPro - Web allow all sites to be managed both centrally from the Hub and remotely via MonitorPro - Web.

Administrators will use MonitorPro - Desktop to manage and maintain the system while site users and managers will have access to MonitorPro - Web.

The system is being used to measure a wide range of radionuclides and the varying chemical components and units, of soil samples, seawater, seaweed, Natural waters, boreholes, monitoring wells, air samples.

The Implementation

Magnox had a preference for EHS Data to host and administer the system. EHS Data were able to demonstrate that its hosted systems were sufficiently secure and reliable to store sensitive radionuclide data, and that adequate backup and recovery systems and procedures are in place.

The Care and Maintenance Hub wanted a database that could set up to manage the data at Bradwell but also be built upon over time to allow for the addition of additional sites within one database. This will allow the Hub to manage all of Magnox’s 10 sites in one central location.

The system has been set up to run with a few administrators setting up the system and managing compliance limits, monitoring schedules, scheduled tasks and the importing of data through MonitorPro - Desktop. MonitorPro - Web will be used by the site staff due to its simple to use nature and the ability to only give access to required people through selections.

Next Stage

The system is up and running and ready to start being used as the singular point for data collection for the Bradwell site. Currently the next sites are being reviewed with the discussion focused around either Hutersdon or Trawsfynydd.

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