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International mining company integrate MonitorPro with SAP Environmental Compliance

MMG is an international mining company with operations in Australia, Asia and Africa. MonitorPro has been in use for a number of years at two of the companies Australian operations, Golden Grove in Western Australia and Century Mine in Queensland.

The Scope

During 2012, MMG began the process of implementing SAP software across its business, including the SAP Environmental Compliance (SAP EC) module. Not wishing to lose the superior usability and functionality of MonitorPro, the decision was taken at both Golden Grove and Century mines to continue to manage their data collection and analysis processes using MonitorPro.

The final selection of data required by SAP for reporting purposes therefore needed to be exported from MonitorPro to the SAP system.

Our Approach

To enable the export of data to SAP, EHS Data developed a customised export that can be recognised by the SAP software. MonitorPro’s User Defined Fields (UDFs) were used to ensure that naming conventions translate between the two systems.

Finally, the existing Scheduled Task function in MonitorPro - Desktop was used to set up a regular export of the required selection of data to SAP, with no human intervention required.


The integration of the two systems allows the environmental professionals at Golden Grove and Century mines to continue using MonitorPro to manage their monitoring and data in the same way as previously.

This allows the continuation of simple and user-friendly scheduling of monitoring, importing of data, and use of a myriad of specialist tools for analysis and reporting. MonitorPro automatically looks after the export of relevant data to SAP EC, where this is required for reporting across the business.

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