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UK Waste Management company use MonitorPro for monitoring landfill data for 20 years

Veolia Environmental Services has been present in the United Kingdom since 1990. As the leading UK waste management organisation with 2008 revenues above £1.3 billion, the company employs almost 12,500 employees across the spectrum of services in waste management and cleaning.

Where it all began

The history of EHS Data’s involvement with Veolia stretches over many years through Leigh Environmental who then became Onyx – today part of Veolia. At the time the company operated a series of landfills in the North and West Midlands of the UK. With an obligation under their licences to manage the environmental impacts at their sites (land, air and water) the volume of monitoring data steadily increased over the years and an efficient method of inputting, collating and retrieving data soon became essential. For these reasons Onyx adopted the predecessor of MonitorPro - Desktop in 1996 and have used the system ever since. Onyx found the payback period for the software was only five months.

More recently Veolia Environmental Services UK Ltd have purchased MonitorPro - Desktop for the management of environmental data across twenty sites in the South of England, including landfills and waste transfer stations. The data managed in the system includes leachate and groundwater (a range of variables including depth, ammoniacal nitrogen, Cl, SO4, conductivity, pH, BOD, COD and a range of metals), gas (CO2, CH4, O2 and pressure). MonitorPro - Desktop replaced the use of 643 spreadsheets which were used before and now provides a holistic environment in which to manage and report their data.

Andrew Nash - Environmental Compliance Co-ordinator

"Data is collected from a number of operational and restored Landfill sites and is made up of both field readings and laboratory analysis. Much of it is collected to fulfil Environmental Permit requirements which are regulated by the Environment Agency (EA).

The transition from the old version to the new was relatively painless with EHS doing all of the data transfer. MonitorPro - Desktop gives us far more flexibility as it is server based and can be access by several members of staff at any one time. The old version was based on one PC and therefore far less secure.

The database allows us to collate all the data in one place and for this data to be assessable to a number of key personnel in our Technical Support. The data is used to understand the performance of the landfills over time and is also key in monitoring the site's compliance against Permit conditions. The database allows us to assess all imported data against a vast number of control and trigger levels which are borehole/location-specific in many cases. These limits are set for a wide variety of situations including groundwater quality/surface water quality/air quality and soil gas concentrations. The permits require control and trigger levels being set to determine any deviation from 'normal' conditions and to assess against EAL/EQS.

As reports can be directly downloaded from the database, this means there is very little effort required to collate the routine data submissions to the appropriate authorities, including the EA. The graphing function can also aid greatly with understanding trends when assessing control/trigger level exceedences or writing Annual interpretative reports."

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