First EHS data management software company to achieve MCERTS accreditation

EHS Data Ltd. have been providing MonitorPro software solutions to help clients manage and report on any type of EHS data for 13 years. Our software is now used to manage data at approximately 1,000 sites worldwide.


Our tools facilitate management of millions of data points across businesses. Automatically, data from different sources is imported and quality checked. Raw data (and produced key performance indicators) are compared to user-defined targets. System tools enable data scrutiny (i.e. tables, graphs, in-built GIS and interpolation tools). A reporting engine further enables predefinition of standard report templates so regular reports can be produced within a few mouse clicks. Back-end software is Microsoft-based for straightforward integration with MS Office.


Users can automate many tasks including monitoring schedules, report production and data export. All of this is supported using e-mail alerts of late monitoring, missing data or target breeches. Quality control in all our processes has always been crucial. We have felt that the ISO standards (ISO 9001 and TickIT) are insufficient since they focus on processes rather than product quality. MCERTS also includes this but goes far beyond. The auditor wants to see actual software code and the database structure, to confirm for him/herself that the system does what it says, provides audit trails and accepts all claimed data.

Word from the MD

Managing Director Phil Ely said, ‘The MCERTS accreditation is the only standard like it in the world for monitoring data software and we are proud to be the first software company to have achieved the accolade for a complete data management solution.


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