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The largest supplier of flat steel in Australia requires complicated data reports.

A leading supplier of flat steel with operations in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Oceana and USA, seeks an automated system for complicated reporting. With large operations in Australia they operate an integrated steel-making enterprise with an annual production capacity of approximately 5.3 million tonnes of crude steel. It is the largest manufacturer and supplier of flat steel in Australia. 


Port Kembla has a great deal of environmental data to manage with a corresponding need to routinely prepare NPI (National Pollution Inventory) and LBL (Load Based Licensing) reports. In an organisation of this size the task can be laborious and potentially error prone.

Managing and Reporting Environmental Data Prior to the implementation of MonitorPro - Desktop the reporting process was a matter of data retrieval, manipulation and cutting/pasting into Microsoft Word.

More recently we have enhanced the ability of Port Kembla to rapidly produce environmental reports. Each Quarter the operation produces an environmental report which contains a very large amount of data and runs to approximately 175 pages — 165 pages of which are data from monitoring or derived from monitoring.

Much of this includes tables and graphs and in some cases rolling averages are calculated and compared to threshold permissible limits. This can be quite a task. 

Because MonitorPro - Desktop uses Crystal Reports as its reporting engine we have been able to produce a report template which populates much of the data for Port Kembla’s quarterly report which a few mouse clicks saving vast amounts of time compared to how it used to be done as well as reducing errors.

"Thanks for your efforts on developing MonitorPro to what we want. The guys here are absolutely convinced of it's value - and looking forward to taking it to the next stage with the interface. A large part of this is the service and attention you have given us. I really appreciate this and thank you for it."

Environment Manager
Bluescope Port
Kembla Mark Garrahy

Examples of Data Presented

Drainage Data

  • Tabulated data for last quarter-Daily Flow, Non Filterable Residue, TSS, Grease and Oil, Cyanide
  • Raw data i.e. mg/l
  • Mass loadings i.e. mg/day together with monthly means
  • Graphed data for last two years - temperature, pH, BOD, Cadmium, Lead, Fluoride, Salinity, Total Nitrogen 

Weather Data

Rain gauge data including tabulated data of rainfall in mm/day over the quarter with monthly totals and daily maxima and minima. 

Stack Monitoring Data

Tabulated data of Temperature, Velocity, Particulates, SO3, HCL, O3

Ambient Monitoring

  • Tabulated data including Total suspended particles, Zn and Fe as 24hr average, average over quarter and max value.
  • Raw data presented as graph per day and compared to USEPA maximum guideline, monthly and running annual averages, compared to annual average guidelines from Australian National Health and Research Council.
  • Dust deposition data is tabulated presenting solids and speciated PAH from various gauges. 

Fuel Use

Tabulated fuel use and sulphur content of fuel.

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