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Multiple closed metal mines use MonitorPro to simplify managing multiple data types

A Canadian-based global mining company that produces copper, zinc and gold. They own and operate mining operations in Turkey, Finland, Canada and Spain and also have interests in Papua New Guinea and Panama. They have permit obligations to manage the environmental impacts of all their operations during exploration, construction, operation and post-closure. This brings with it an intensive monitoring and reporting programme with many targets set by the regulators.


Sustainability Performance is measured using indicators from the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and Towards Sustainable Mining (TSM), an initiative of the Mining Association of Canada (MAC), along with several other performance indicators developed by Inmet. All of this clearly involves a need to manage large amounts of data. 

Where are we?

In 2009 Inmet Mining in Canada purchased MonitorPro - Desktop initially for the management of data associated with its closed sites team which currently manages closed mine sites at: 


In British Columbia, which closed in 1992. 

Sturgeon Lake

In Ontario which closed in 1980.


An underground copper and zinc mine in Quebec.


A 737 hectare open pit copper and gold mine in Quebec.

Winston Lake

An underground copper and zinc mine in Ontario.

Copper Range

A 8700 hectare underground copper mine in Michigan USA.  

The System

Prior to using MonitorPro - Desktop, Inmet’s closed sites personnel were using a large number of spreadsheets and Access databases to manage all this information. The process was labour intensive and complex. Prior to install of our system we pre-populated the system with historical data received from Inmet and the system was installed in early 2010 and is now operational. The data currently managed in the system includes data for surface and groundwater, fish and sediment from local water courses, sludge and liquid effluent with data including chemical composition, physical characteristics and toxicity. MonitorPro - Desktop offers the ability to manage a host of data, and automate the processes of data import and validation. Data can then be scrutinised in a variety of ways in the system and reporting can be carried out in both French and English. 

Brent Hamblin

“The installation and use of MonitorPro - Desktop is part of Inmet's commitment of risk management towards our goal of Zero Harm to people, communities, and the environment. MonitorPro - Desktop helps us manage the varied data of our operations in an efficient and auditable fashion.”

*After the completion of this document Inmet was purchased by First Quantum minerals in march 2013

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