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USA Gold mine moves to MonitorPro to meet the demands of increased data volumes and complexity

A Canadian-based gold mining company with mines and projects in Canada, the United States, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Russia, Ghana and Mauritania, employing over 8,000 people worldwide. Round Mountain has been producing gold since 1906 and is named after a landmark that was there.


The Environmental staff at Kinross’ Round Mountain site have been using an Environmental Database Management System for some time, however the system was no longer meeting all the demands of increased data volumes and complexity. The Environmental staff reviewed the market place and after a short review process opted to implement MonitorPro.

Moving over to MonitorPro has provided Round Mountain with plenty of benefits, including the ability to accept and process the higher volume demands, driven by its current and future Permitting regime. They can now import all of their varied monitoring data into one solution in an efficient and automated way.

Coupled with numerous reporting, interpolation and management tools not offered by their legacy system.

The System

Round Mountain chose the MonitorPro Enterprise solution, which included 6 licences of MP-5, 10 licences of MP-Web and MP-Field.

The system is installed at Round Mountain on the latest Windows Server 2012 R2 Operating System and SQL Server 2012.

Administrators and technical staff will manage the system via MonitorPro - Desktop. Further stakeholders such as Managers can access trends, Dashboards and reports from MonitorPro Web, with technicians inputting data from the field directly using MonitorPro Field.

MonitorPro is then working in the background managing what monitoring is required and checking its completeness, updating and reminding users of upcoming tasks as well as automating the import and validation of the large volumes of laboratory data. 

The Implementation

Our starting point is always creating a framework of Sample Locations, Parameters and Data Sources to build a skeleton database. This is all done from our head office in the UK, following scoping with the site staff remotely.

We then completed a data transfer to bring across all of the historical data from the legacy systems over into the new MonitorPro database. We then reconcile this with the desired framework already in place.

An EHS Data representative then travelled to site to work with the IT staff for a day, offering technical support to get the system online.

Training, setup of Monitoring Schedules and Compliance Grids to help with the operation of the system were also provided by our representative onsite.


Initially Round Mountain will use MonitorPro to bring in field and laboratory data and then start to look at developing the system to integrate further. There will also be development on some Crystal Report templates. Some of these will be very similar to those currently being used currently by our other clients across Nevada and America.

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