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Using MonitorPro to monitor the environmental impact of mineral mining in England

An Australian company specialising in metals mining has their main project in Devon, England. The construction of Drakelands Mine commenced in February 2014 and it is expected that production of Tungsten and Tin will commence in Q3 of 2015.


To assist in gaining the necessary permits to construct and operate Drakelands Mine, Wolf Minerals has been collecting baseline data at and around the site since 2010.

By the time construction the mine commenced in February 2014, this baseline data had grown to comprise a significant dataset. Upon commencement of construction, the volume of data being collected increased significantly, largely through the addition of numerous data loggers to monitor any increase in particulates and noise associated with the construction activities themselves. Knowing that this volume of data would only continue to increase as construction ramped up and the site moved into production, Wolf Minerals decided to implement a MonitorPro data management system at this early opportunity.

The System

Wolf Minerals purchased a single user system, comprising one license of MonitorPro - Desktop, plus the database and server components. Due to the high latency internet connection on site, these components were all placed on a single PC which was built by EHS Data and installed on site complete with database and software installed.

Due to the scalability of MonitorPro systems, it will be very easy for the database to be transferred to a server and additional components of MonitorPro to be added as required over time.

The Implementation

A database framework and existing data were provided to EHS Data by third party consultants. The database was built and data transferred at EHS Data’s office in Newark-On-Trent, England, comprising over 1 million records. An implementation visit was then carried out, during which the PC containing MonitorPro installed on site and introductory training undertaken. EHS Data also liaised with the main laboratory used, who already supplied numerous customers with data ready for import to MonitorPro. Going forwards, pre-process scripts will be created to allow for the automated import of data from the various data loggers in use now and in the future

Why MonitorPro?

Wolf Minerals knew that MonitorPro was the most appropriate data management system for them, through the past experiences of their Environment Manager, Barnaby Hudson. Barnaby first encountered MonitorPro at Barrick Gold’s Kanowna Belle mine in Western Australia. He later used MonitorPro while at Kalgoorlie Consolidated Gold Mine, the largest Open-Pit gold mine in Australia. When the need for a system arose at Wolf Minerals, MonitorPro was therefore the obvious choice.

The Results

Wolf Minerals now have a simple, easy to use data management system in place, which will be scalable as their data increases in both volume and complexity over the coming years.

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