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Multiple mines monitoring a broad and diverse range of environmental data

Anglo-Swiss multinational mining company which was the fifth largest diversified metals and mining company in the world, with operations and projects in 19 countries and top five market positions in each of its major commodities.


In its many different jurisdictions its environmental performance is regulated heavily by both local and national bodies. Compliance and overarching environmental sustainability is taken seriously by the company.

From 1999 to 2007 a number of Xstrata sites have used our products to manage their environmental impacts.

Today we have users at:

  • Mount Isa Mines
  • McArthur River Mine
  • Copper Refineries Ltd. - Including the refinery itself, a port operation and a coking works.
  • Ernest Henry Mine.

All in Queensland or Northern Territory, Australia

  • Britannia Refined Metals, UK.
  • Minera Alumbrera, Argentina

In total we now have more than 25 users of our systems. The software in use in Queensland (excluding Ernest Henry) has a centrally located database with access by staff at the different locations to the central database.

Patricia Kenny - Senior Environmental Advisor

"Very professional and informative. Nothing was a problem. Phil is always very accomodating in whatever is required he is also one of those presenters who just tailors to the individuals needs. I found him very professional and easy to understand. He had the knack to communicate to all audiences."

How it works

In each case the data managed is very broad and includes groundwater quality, dust deposition, potable water quality, effluent discharge, weather, noise, soil quality, stack emissions and surface water quality. In some cases there is also a need to manipulate the data and produce defined reports so for example some of the users in Queensland need to produce graphs of data showing three month rolling averages of particular variables. Reporting in a pre-existing report format in excel has also been created and can now be produced at the touch of a button, and then exported into their standard excel template.

The System

In many cases the use of MonitorPro - Desktop superceeded a large number of spreadsheets, which was often the default mechanism to manage and report on data, and clients have gained a great advantage in speed and accuracy since MonitorPro - Desktop was installed. Clients have also perceived great benefit in terms of ease of use, the flexibility of reporting and the ability to automatically check data as it is imported as opposed to many weeks or months later when a report is being prepared for the regulator.

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