Landfill Gas Data Management Solution

Why monitor gas quality?

As the contents of landfill decompose, they emit gases, some of which (especially in the absence of oxygen) are greenhouse gases, others malodourous, some toxic.

There are two main reasons for monitoring landfill gas, to comply with permit requirements and to ensure emissions do not exceed those prescribed.

Often there are high levels of methane, which is flammable and can be used for its energy value.  Monitoring gas wells helps to understand and balance vacuum pumps to direct and concentrate the methane for extraction and use in gas engines to generate electricity.

Reports to suit your needs

Enjoy the convenience of seeing at a glance your gas monitoring compliance against obligations or reviewing and managing compliance at a point by point level. 

A team you can trust

Your project is important to us and we understand that’s crucial to get it right. That’s why our small team of specialists guide you through the implementation process and beyond. We worry about the technicalities so you don’t have to.  

Quality Control

Rest assured that your gas monitoring data is in safe hands using an MCERTS accredited software solution, passing a rigorous quality testing process. 


Interpretation and reporting can only be as good as the data it is based on.  Rubbish in, rubbish out is a major problem with manual systems.  MonitorPro is designed to avoid this.  All data is checked against the plan validated and protected by layers of security, minimising the risk of reporting incorrect data.


MonitorPro can manage any gas monitoring data alongside other data sets such as water or leachate quality or dip readings.

Convenience and Automation

The whole process of checking the plan, automatically importing from multiple sources, validation and reporting can be fully automated, same time and increasing data quality.

Interpretation and reporting

A large array of interpretation tools help to rapidly combine and analyse data sets.  Every organisation needs different reports.  A range of default reports are provided which can be edited as needed.  We also provide a professional report editing service.  Reports can be run at the click of a mouse or scheduled to automatically email.

Read about our MCERTS quality certification

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  • Deseo manejar el ciclo de vida complete de los datos, comenzando desde el agendamiento hasta el análisis y Reporte.
  • Estoy buscando un Sistema robusto, configurado para mis propios requerimientos que pueda gestionar mis datos Ambientales y de sustentabilidad en un Nuevo Sistema.
  • Me gustaría ser capaz de acceder a través del Servidor, Internet y poder recolectar datos en el Campo. 
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