EHS Data champion Rio Tinto’s use of renewable energy

More and more mines are focusing on energy efficiency. As well, remote mine sites with no access to power grids, unreliable power grids, and the cost of transporting fossil fuels to remote locations, mines are looking for alternative ways to generate power and save money.

The cost of energy lays heavy on a mine’s operational cost, sometimes accounting for as much as 50% of their overheads. That’s why a move to renewable energy is starting to look like an attractive proposition. For mines in increasingly remote locations, the cost of being solely reliant on the grid connections or trucked-in diesel simply isn’t financially feasible anymore.

Rio Tinto, a long standing advocate of MonitorPro, has taken the lead by adopting a renewable energy scheme in their Diavik mine. This pioneering move to renewable energy technologies has seen them install four wind turbines.

Remotely located 300km northeast of Yellowknife in Canada, the wind turbines generate 10% of the mine’s power needs, giving them savings of $C5-6 million and approximately 5 million litres of fuel annually.

Such dramatic cost savings demonstrates the large potential of renewable energy. Our commitment to working with Rio Tinto in helping them improve sustainability means we are both a step closer to achieving our goals.


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