EHS Data Announces New Software Updates

At EHS Data Ltd, we are always working hard to innovate and evolve our MonitorPro EHS software for both new and existing clients.

Since 1996 our global reputation for delivering a highly flexible and user-configurable, environmental reporting system has replaced spreadsheets and home-made systems in many organisations around the world, helping to meet compliance requirements.

EHS Data take great pride in actively listening to our customers and use their feedback to improve the needs of ever-changing technology and user requirements. The EHS Data team are very excited to announce new software updates to the MonitorPro data management system – developed by our team of talented software engineers – these enhancements make our environmental monitoring technology even more powerful and intuitive. 

MonitorPro Software Update V13

Interface Re-Design

In an effort to streamline the usability, the MonitorPro interface has been overhauled to visually and technically improve responsiveness. This cleaner more modern look with the addition of a sidebar menu and updated navigation, will make the whole user experience more smart device friendly. 

MonitorPro New Software V13

Streamlined Dashboards

While sleek looks are appealing, it is important for our users to be productive and organized. So our engineer’s created new architecture to enable new widgets for alerts and status notifications. Crucial for quick access to data monitoring, compliance breaches and daily readings.

MonitorPro New Software V13

Dynamic Search Functionality

While managing the environmental monitoring process, it’s important to deliver a flexible and dynamic system to users who need information fast. MonitorPro now features a new search function to enable items and objects to be found quickly.

These MonitorPro updates are an ongoing process of evolving a powerful and automated environmental monitoring system to large scale organisations around the world, including mining and metals, landfill, waste management and power stations.

MonitorPro was the first EHS software system to receive the prestigious MCERTS accreditation from the environmental agency

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  • Deseo manejar el ciclo de vida complete de los datos, comenzando desde el agendamiento hasta el análisis y Reporte.
  • Estoy buscando un Sistema robusto, configurado para mis propios requerimientos que pueda gestionar mis datos Ambientales y de sustentabilidad en un Nuevo Sistema.
  • Me gustaría ser capaz de acceder a través del Servidor, Internet y poder recolectar datos en el Campo. 
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