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The Environment Agency (EA) adopt MonitorPro nationally for collection, storage and interpretation of its Environmental Monitoring Data across a number of Industry Sectors. 

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The EA are a regulatory body in England responsible for protecting and improving the environment. They are responsible for a broad range of sectors including regulating major industry and waste, treatment of contaminated land, water quality and resource and conservation and ecology. Many of these sectors are regulated by the issue of Permits. Subsequently these Permits require Operators to collect monitoring data to ensure their processes are not adversely affecting the surrounding environment. This data is then submitted to the EA on a routine basis by the Operators for review and to allow public access.

This process generates a large volume of data for the Environment Agency to collate, analyse and store. In a number of sectors the processes for capturing this data were disparate, manual and time consuming to reconcile. The EA needed an Environmental Database Management System and turned to the solution many of the Operators were already using, MonitorPro.

A further factor in the decision was that the EA has independently certified MonitorPro to its stringent MCERTS quality standard for Environmental Data Management Software.

MonitorPro has been trialled for a little over a year eventually covering about ¼ of the Waste Facilities in England. After this successful trial a tender process was completed and MonitorPro was chosen for a national roll out across a number of sectors. Scoping, Implementation and Training are planned for completion during June and July 2015.


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