Çayeli Mine site in Eastern Turkey opt for MP-5

The site, part of Canadian-based Inmet Mining, will use both MP5 and MP5.Web to manage their environmental data

Çayeli is an underground copper and zinc mine located on the Black Sea coast of northeastern Turkey. The mine was opened in 1994 and is expected to operate until at least 2017.

It produces three types of concentrates: copper concentrate, copper and zinc bulk concentrate and zinc concentrate. These concentrates are sold to a number of international and domestic smelters and traders.

As part of Çayeli's environmental management system there is an obligation to monitor a number of environmental impacts and data is collected and reported on quality of local water courses (e.g. metals, sulphate, pH, oxygen consumption) and flow, sea water, tailings discharges, wastewater quality, rainfall and noise and vibration from blasting. In December 2010 Çayeli pruchased MP5 client and MP5.Web licences to manage this data which replaced the previous system of many separate spreadsheets. It is anticipated to work to produce bespoke report templates to save time for Çayeli in fulfilment of their reporting obligations will take place in 2011.


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