Client visits around Canada

EHS Data welcomes the return of Implementation Consultant Alex McBurnie from his recent trip seeing 3 different clients in Canada

Alex travelled first to the City of Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories of Canada, where he acclimatised to the local temperatures of between -20°C and -40°C, with the help of some appropriate clothing on loan from Dominion Diamond Corporation. He then flew up to Dominion Diamonds' Ekati Diamond Mine, where he spent 10 days on site training staff and implementing their new Monitor-Pro Enterprise system. From there, Alex travelled on the Winter Road, where he was subject to an 'exchange' and passed into the custody of Rio Tinto's Diavik Diamond Mine, located close by.

Diavik's Diamond Mine has been using Monitor-Pro since 2010, when they purchased 10 licences of MP-5. They expanded this system in 2013 with the addition MP-Web and MP-Field. Alex spent 4 days on site training 4 members of staff, who were experienced users of MP-Web and MP-Field, in the more detailed MP-5 element of their system. They also expanded the use of Monitor-Pro to cover a number of additional data streams. From Diavik, Alex flew to Yellowknife and on, via a weekend in Vancouver, to Chetwynd, British Columbia.

In Chetwynd, Alex spent 3 days conducting a training session for 8 members of staff at Walter Energy. Walter Energy purchased MP-5 in 2010 for use across their Canadian operations, but due to staff turnover, only one user remained who had received formal training. They therefore benefitted greatly from formal training and are now busy using MP-5 to analyse and report their data.

Alex would like to thank all of his Canadian hosts for their hospitality and looks forward to working closely with them in future.


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