Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) system built for the Brett Group

EHS Data have worked with the Brett Group to provide a CSR system based on MP-5.

Having used Monitor-Pro for seven years to manage their landfill monitoring data, the Brett Group ( have worked with EHS Data on a database to manage their CSR data.


The system manages sustainability data from over 80 sites across 9 businesses.


It makes full use of MP-5's flexibility, and handles these types of data:

Ccommunity and customer relations
Developing people
Land management and biodiversity
Site energy and water usage
Transport energy
Waste (both hazardous and non-hazardous)

Imported data is automatically calculated to form useful KPi's, for example conversions to KWh and Kg carbon.  These are also aggregated per site and calculated with production data to provide water, waste and energy use per tonne of product.


Data entry is based on the standard Brett spreadsheet template with a new 'commit' button at the base of the sheet.


The MP-5 monitoring scheduler will alert site staff when their data is due for submittal, and also alerts if/when it has not been sent.


Custom benchmarking reports have been provided that display the KPI's and other data


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