Do organisations need to report their impact on the environment?

While laws differ from country to country, if an organisation could potentially impact or pollute the environment, they will be held accountable and have obligations to monitor the environment. This will usually be enforced by either strict regulations or by stakeholder interest.

Are you collecting or reporting environmental data efficiently? If not, you could be at risk of financial and reputational damage, causing some serious problems to the environment and putting your employees and the general public at risk.

What is environmental monitoring?

Environmental monitoring is the process of collecting and combining data from a number of sources such as production and weather data, and can include:

  • Air quality
  • Fresh and ground water quality
  • Noise
  • Land use

If legally obliged to collect and monitor these elements, you are required to plan, collect, validate, interpret and report what you discover to regulators to ensure you are operating legally. While this may take a lot of time and resources, environmental monitoring can bring a lot of benefits to your organisation.

By monitoring environmental data, you can:

Meet your legal obligations

  • If you are required to meet strict regulations such as site permits, you will need to prove that you are being compliant, and efficient data monitoring can help you to meet environment regulation deadlines.

Make your organisation more environmentally friendly

  • By recording and monitoring environmental data, you can learn how to make your operations more environmentally sound and cost effective.

Protect your employees from workplace hazards

  • If your employees are potentially at risk from hazards that arise from industrial activities within your organisation, monitoring environmental data can help to limit exposure to these risks.

Please your stakeholders and boost your reputation

  • Even if your organisation is regarded as damaging to the environment e.g. the mining industry, by demonstrating that you are trying to minimise your impact, you can help boost your reputation.

Reduce the risks of being fined

  • In the event that an environment incident may occur, because you have recorded data efficiently, you can prove that everything possible was done to prevent it.

If you have an obligation to manage your environmental impact, MonitorPro makes it simple.

Getting your environmental data management in order can seem like a daunting task, especially because data can be found in different formats, stored in multiple systems and come from different locations.

With MonitorPro, you can effortlessly manage environmental data in one system no matter how many different data types, sources, frequencies, file types or formats. MonitorPro gives you the confidence of knowing your environmental data is always up-to-date and organised when you need it.

If you have any questions regarding environmental data management, please contact us by emailing or call us at 0845 388 2458.


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