EHS Data announces new client - Maven Water & Environment

Canadian Water treatment specialists name EHS Data’s MonitorPro Environment Data Management System has its preferred solution for all their environmental monitoring projects.

New Client Announcement

Today, we announce a brand new client who have turned to EHS Data to help deliver a streamlined and automated approach to their environmental data management. The new client, Maven Water & Environment, are specialists in semi-passive water treatment and are modernizing and revolutionizing water treatment technologies in the mining and oil sands sectors.

maven WE - Canadian HQ

A 3D visualisation of Maven’s brand new facilities that are currently under construction.
These will open with laboratories and pilot-scale testing in spring 2020. 

A Saskatoon start-up based in the Saskatchewan province of Canada, Maven Water & Environment specializes in water treatment strategies that are strategically developed to work within a framework of site-wide water management.

Maven Water & Environmental

The MonitorPro Environmental Data Management System will support current and future Maven activities to aid their scientists and engineers to successfully analyze and interpret data as they develop, optimize, and integrate water treatment systems with site-wide water management strategies.

“EHS Data is thrilled to be chosen by Maven Water & Environmental to provide them with MonitorPro for their environmental projects. We will work closely with their environmental teams to assist in transforming their environmental data management strategies into successful projects,”

says Phil Ely, EHS Data MD.


MonitorPro Family

Using the latest technology, MonitorPro delivers a comprehensive view of your environmental performance across all operations.

EHS Data’s industry-leading Environmental Data Management System is built specifically for companies like Maven Water & Environment. With the MonitorPro platform, Maven Water & Environmental will be able to monitor and assess with built-in calculations for a comprehensive view of their water treatment system performance. 

MonitorPro is a highly configurable solution, drastically reducing the scope for human error whilst improving data quality.


Monique Simair"EHS Data is a forward-thinking company and a leader in their field. We're investing in the right technologies as part of our growth.  We ultimately chose EHS Data’s MonitorPro system as it provided our team with an easy but in-depth way of monitoring important performance data in real time with built-in and modifiable calculations. The MonitorPro system also integrates with our in house modelling and simulation software for semi-passive water treatment design and performance predictions,"

says Dr. Monique Simair, Maven Water & Environment Founder.


About Maven Water & Environment

Maven Water & Environment is the brainchild of Monique Simair, previously founder of Contango Strategies. Their approach to water treatment is site-specific and integrative. Treatment technologies and strategies are developed to work within a framework of site-wide water management. Sources of contamination, natural processes, and the effects of internal and external influences are carefully evaluated in the context of management and treatability.

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About EHS Data

EHS Data is a world leading UK based software company providing Environmental Data Management Solutions to over 1,000 sites in 40 countries worldwide. Since 1996, their versatile software solution, MonitorPro has helped organisations save time, improve planning, quality control, site analysis and reporting to manage environmental obligations and sustainability.

MonitorPro is the first EHS Software solution to receive an MCERTS accreditation from the Environmental Agency.

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