EHS Data Announces Version 14 Update for all MonitorPro clients.

EHS Data, a global leader in EHS data management, today announced a new release of its MonitorPro software.


The global release of MonitorPro software version 14 focuses on powerful mapping technologies to leverage clients’ environmental data in greater detail with enhancements to the platforms scheduling functionality. This new update will be deployed to all MonitorPro hosted clients within the next few weeks, whilst self-hosted clients have access to download the new functionality now.

“We are committed to the ongoing process of evolving a powerful and innovative EHS system dedicated to helping meet compliance controls in large scale organisation’s worldwide. "

Phil Ely, Managing Director

New MP-Web Features Include:


The ability to view concentrations across the sample points chosen in the dataset. Users can select the variable they would like to compare and MP-Web will automatically create a colour coded scale to indicate the concentration range and distribution.


Now available on the map to indicate exceedances of set compliance limits.



Line graphs can now be produced directly from the mapping. Simply click on the relevant sample point on the map and choose the variable you would like to plot. Any associated compliance will be shown as well.


Dashboard Widgets

Mapping snap-shots can now be added to a user’s dashboard. These will update in real time as data is added, indicating breaches and other information.

dashboard widgets

Sentinel Mapping Dates & Indexes

It is now easier to see the dates of the sentinel mapping layers, with an option to show the tile dates. Use indexes of Vegetation, geology, moisture, shortwave infra-red or others to show in the map.

Sentinel mapping dates

image shows moisture index option

Updates to MP-Desktop Monitoring Scheduler and introducing the Completeness Checker:

A new mode has been added to the monitoring scheduler, which allows for tracking of monitoring frequency directly related to the previous sampling event. This is particularly useful when tracking occupational health and safety monitoring requirements for site staff.

The Completeness Checker is designed to enable clients to more effectively track the completeness of data collection, where the data collection is relatively automated. The tool will check, as data is imported and provide metrics based on the users' input summary period. It will also alert users if data is not imported as expected, allowing them to fix issues quickly.  


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MonitorPro was the first EHS software system to receive the prestigious MCERTS accreditation from the UK's environmental agency and is used by over 1,000 users in 40 countries worldwide.  Learn more about the benefits of MonitorPro Environmental Monitoring Software for your organisation.


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