EHS Data joins EU MICCS consortium for con land solution

Developing in partnership to make soil contamination surveys faster and better.


We aim for a constant improvement of our products. R&D is therefore an essential part of our work


Research is very important  to develop new technologies that we can use to build new generations systems. The 7th framework programme of the European Union has provided an opportunity. In January 2009 we started the MICCS project, in which an international consortium (amongst them Sonic Sample Drill from the Netherlands, DGE from Denmark and the University of  Trieste from Italy).  We have joined forces to make soil contamination surveys faster and better.

In this project we are also working together with the the university of Triëste to enhance and improve the sensibility and resolution of the GroundTracer equipment and software for soil contamination investigation.

In 2009-2010 we will perform tests and demonstrations in several European countries (from Lithuania to Italy.


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