EHS Data System Hugely Impacts Environmental Crisis Intervention and Recovery

A piece of environmental data management software is celebrating two decades in operation.

MonitorPro software has been used to analyse and manage environmental data and responses to crises and has proved to be highly effective and efficient.

Developed by EHS Data, a company with over 20 years’ experience in the industry, the software has significant benefits.

As the only software certified to the Environmental Agency’s strict standards, it is the option for companies to control and plan for environmental performance monitoring.

As well as being used in the waste, water and local authority industries, MonitorPro is also being used in the mining industry.

In November last year the software was used when two dams in Brazil collapsed, spreading pollutants from iron mining into the surrounding area and contaminating the water supply. Mining company Samarco Mineração implemented MonitorPro in response to the disaster, and achieved significant impact reduction results.

Luciano França Rocha, Automation Engineer for Samarco Mineração, said: “[MonitorPro] helps us to get a well organised and consistent database structure, avoiding the existence of redundant sample points- a mistake that was recurring prior to MonitorPro’s implementation”

Along with other benefits, MonitorPro also helps minimise financial and reputational risks because of enhanced compliance planning, checking, automatic alerts and reporting.

A spokesman for EHS Data said: “Customers can manage all their environmental and sustainability data in a single, secure and auditable platform. 

“Staff will also have more time to carry out other tasks, therefore improving efficiency and productivity.”


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