Electronic Data Transfer to Canada’s BC Government EMS

Canada's British Columbia Ministry of Environment has a Electronic Data Transfer (EDT) facility to its Environmental Monitoring System (EMS). Working with Imperial Metals Mount Polley Mine, EHS Data have now developed a facility to automatically export data in the format required by the system directly from MP-5.

The EMS system assists Ministry staff and external stakeholders in the capture, storage, retrieval, admin and analysis of environmental monitoring data.

Now MP-5 users can add this functionality to their system quickly and easily, enabling them to upload their Permit data to the EMS completely automatically.

It's not only good news for clients in British Columbia as everyone now has the ability to 'plug in' various custom outputs to export data in a broad range of formats from MP-5. These would then be suitable for upload into a verity of other applications.

These custom exports can be ran from any Stored Selection in MP-5 in the same way as the current standard export options to excel or csv but also scheduled from the Task Scheduler to output automatically.

So if your days are spent exporting data and formatting it manually for upload or just submission to the regulators give us a call and talk to us about how we can create a custom export for you.


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