ENER-G Natural Power Purchase MP-5

The largest Independent landfill gas utilisation company in the UK, adopts MP-5 for its UK and European operations.

Producing green electricity from otherwise harmful greenhouse gas fuels is core to the ENER-G Group's renewable energy business. This electricity qualifies internationally for Government incentives, developed to encourage the generation of Renewable Power by issuing "green certificates" (financial incentives on the value of green energy).

Established since 1995 ENER-G Natural Power has a wealth of experience in running engines on biogas, landfill gas and mines gas. The ENER-G Group is one of the largest operators of gas engines in the world, with over 1,000 installations. The long term commitment to projects, with in-house build, operation and maintenance maximising value, established ENER-G Natural Power as the leading independent developer within the UK and lead to similar success internationally.



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