Iluka Resources go live with MonitorPro

lluka is a major participant in the global mineral sands industry. It is involved in the exploration, project development, operation and marketing of mineral sands products. Its main assets and operations are located in Australia, with a mining and processing operation in Virginia, USA.

Iluka is the largest producer of zircon in the world, with an approximate market share of one third, and is the second largest producer of titanium dioxide minerals (rutile and an upgraded form of ilmenite, synthetic rutile). The company also has a royalty over iron ore sales revenues from specific tenements of BHP Billiton's Mining Area C (MAC) province in the north west of Western Australia.

Iluka have now gone live with MP-5 and MP-Web following the sucessful completion of their legacy data transfer and a round of training at a number of thier Australian operations.

We'll be following up with the Australian operations over the coming months providing additional online training and support. We'll also be getting ready to implement at the US operations in November.


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