MCERTS Certification, MP-5 to be the first in its category

MP-5 will probably be the first generic monitoring data management system to attain MCERTS certification. Final stage audits have been conducted, and we passed with flying colours. Certification is expected within weeks.

MCERTS is the UK Environment Agency (EA)'s Monitoring Certification Scheme. It is similar in concept to ISO9000, but goes much further, because it focusses not only on quality of processes, but also on product applicability to their tasks.

In the words of the EA:

"It provides the framework for businesses to meet our quality requirements. If you comply with MCERTS we can have confidence in the monitoring of emissions to the environment."

Computers are now an integral part of how environmental data is generated, stored, manipulated and reported.

MCERTS for environmental data management software provides a formal scheme for the product certification of data management applications.


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