MonitorPro Field Launched

The latest addition to the Monitor Pro suite of solutions has just been released. MP-Field enables users to throw away those note books and pens and simply enter their data directly into Monitor Pro from their Smart Phone, Tablet or Laptop.

MP-Field is multi platform and will work via any device which can display a modern Internet browser. Not only can you use MP-Field on your iPhone, iPad, Windows or Android Smart Phone or Tablet you don't need a connection to enable you to capture your monitoring data. From the office or in the field where you have a GPRS/3G or WiFi signal you can download your MP-5 Monitoring Schedules for the days work and then not require a connection again until you return to the office or coverage area to upload your data. While offline MP-Field will continue to indicate the sampling locations where monitoring is required and what sampling and analysis needs to be completed. It even keeps a talley of data entered and tells you where monitoring is complete and where there is work outstanding.

The ability to select visits generated from MP-5 means you can work colabratively with your collegues on large monitoring rounds over multiple days or weeks. Visits can be uploaded partially completed and when downloaded again the user will be able to clearly see what has been completed and what is remaining (even the results they collected).

As data is captured much quicker than with traditional methods (and with a connection in real time) from MP-5 other users and managers can quickly and easily see the progress of visits and see where overdue or incomplete sampling is present.


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