MonitorPro Implementation for Australian Based Fertilizer Specialist - Agrimin

EHS Data Ltd announces the successful implementation of their MCerts accredited MonitorPro Environmental Data Management system into Australian mineral company, Agrimin Limited. 



Agrimin - Speciality Fertilizer for Modern Agriculture

Agrimin’s strategic focus is SOP (Sulphate of Potash) and is motivated by excellent market fundamentals which are supportive for the creation of a new large-scale SOP producer. 

Agrimin’s vision is to establish a new potash export industry in Australia and to make a positive impact on some of the country’s most remote Aboriginal communities through the creation of opportunities and sustainable economic development.

Situated near Perth, Western Australia, Agrimin Limited recently purchased the MonitorPro solution hosted in our Australian data centre.  Agrimin now use MonitorPro to pull together numerous different types of data from a number of different sources relating to their Mackay Sulphate of Potash Project. This includes data from automated sensors, manual readings and laboratory results, which can now be compared and reported from a single, secure system.


EHS Data Managing Director Phil Ely said,

“The EHS Data team are very excited to welcome Agrimin into the MonitorPro community,  and look forward to working with the Mackay SOP Project as it develops, and with other projects going forward.”



MonitorPro is a world-class data management platform trusted by over 1,000 users worldwide to centralise and manage their data efficiently and effectively.


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