New Browser based Product launched, Mp-Web

MP-5.Web is an easy-to-use browser based application which quickly and easily finds data, compiles reports,graphs and maps plus provides data entry with no installation or training required.

Our customers' needs have changed over the years and they now need to manage and share data far more widely across the organiza-tion as well as the need to share some data externally i.e. with consultants, labora-tories and staff at other locations with no direct IT link. We are therefore de-lighted to be able to offer MP5.Web as a means of simplifying access to the data management systems across different sites and geographies where commu-nication in different languages is also an issue.

MP5.Web is designed for ease of use and allows filtering of data, data summaries and views of data within tables, graphs, reports and maps. Users or groups of users are allocated profiles which determine the data they are per-mitted to view or add to the sys-tem.

MP5.Web is fully international-ised. New languages can be plugged-in as required and easily swapped.


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