New consultancy resource for MP-5 users in Australia

We are pleased to announce an additional resource now available for MP-5 users in Australia (NZ based).

Tom Burkitt of MWH has supported MP-5 users in NZ for several years and is based in Christchurch.  Following recent discussions with him, he is now happy to also provide support across Australia, both on-site visits and remote consultancy.

He has excellent database management skills, and as an example has recently provided an automated data entry spreadsheet system for Newmont Waihi Gold.  Each tab represents a different data stream specific to the site (lab, field, etc.)  Data is entered into the spreadsheet, and on pressing a button the data is committed to MP-5.

He works independently from EHS Data (though with our full support), and so any financial arrangements (at this stage) will need to be direct with MWH.  Their rates are very similar to ours.


This is a paragraph from Tom about himself.

Tom Burkitt, MSc BA (oxon) - Environmental Scientist
Tom is based in Christchurch New Zealand and is employed by MWH New Zealand Limited ( He has worked extensively in the environmental engineering industry since 1994, and now specialises in resource information systems and business systems analysis. He applies database technologies for the resolution of a diverse range of environmental problems for commercial, industrial, governmental, and non-governmental customers. His experience traverses several engineering disciplines and industrial sectors, and he has completed projects and facilitated institutional strengthening programmes in several countries including Australia, Djibouti, Eritrea, India, Kenya, Nepal, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, and Vietnam. He currently manages the Christchurch Environmental Planning and Science Group (a team of 18) and is an experienced project manager of both environmental and data management projects. His Monitor Pro experience is largely in the local government and mining sectors, with Tom for example having supported the Newmont Waihi Gold MP5 implementation in 2008.

These are his contact details:

Tom Burkitt
Group Manager, Christchurch Planning and Environment
MWH New Zealand Ltd      DDI: 03-341 4760
Tower 2, 7 Deans Ave      Facsimile: 03-341 5345
PO Box 13-249                Mobile: 027 477 4914


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