New Schedule 1/6 module available

Working in partnership with Viridor we have developed a data management system to enable the active management of Schedule 6 Permitting Notifications

In the UK, the Schedule 6 (formerly Schedule 1) regime requires notification of any permit breach within 24 hours to the UK Environment Agency (EA) on specific forms (part A initially, followed by a part B form with follow up monitoring details.

All environmental data imported into the database is assessed against the permit compliance and internal management levels set in the system. Any data returned outside of these levels is automatically reported to Company management.

Until 2010, MP-5 was used only to automatically notify specific personnel that a breach had occurred. Notification to the EA was undertaken by manual data transfer into the submitted form. This "manual‟ system relied upon a member of the Viridor‟s data team being copied into all automated e-mails with a record of submissions across the Viridor UK portfolio (of over 100 and growing) sites, being manually collated and updated on a daily basis. With each manual step was the potential for human error resulting in possible non-delivery of information to the EA and appropriate follow up action by Viridor.

The new system provides a link to an online Part A form created from within the database at the point of the breach notification, eliminating the need for manual copying of data.  It also populates Part B4 with details of all breaches at the site within the last 26 months.

Subsequently, if a breach has not been actioned within a predetermined period of time, a series of escalation steps are automatically initiated to ensure the matter is closed out in a timely manner.

Finally, the system tracks the return and submission of Part B Notifications so that both the Part A and Part B returns are complete with associated management and closure of the notice. Records of all notifications are stored and forwarded on to Viridor‟s compliance management system for subsequent audit and review.

From a management perspective, the system allows the user to easily interrogate the database to compile, on a site specific basis, performance statistics for a facility of area. Any part of the system can be easily audited to ensure that the system is operating correctly.

Steve Fielding, Environmental Data Projects Manager at Viridor describes delivery of the new system as "greatly improving the efficiency, reliability and confidence in the submission of Schedule 6 notifications to the EA.  Any breach notification can be easily interrogated and tracked back to how, when and why the process was initiated, and the resulting management actions by Viridor in addressing the issue in a timely, consistent and professional manner".

This system integrated MP-5 with the Monitor-Pro Incident Management System (MP-IMS), which is designed to manage all incidents, whether related to permit breaches, accidents, spills, etc.


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