Newmont Asia-Pacific adopts MP-5

Following the successful implementation at part-owned Kalgoorlie Super Pit, Newmont is rolling out MP-5 to all its Asia-Pacific sites.

Newmont Mining (Asia-Pacific) has completed the rollout of EHS Data's MP-5 as its environmental monitoring data management system, at all of their sites in New Zealand and Australia.


The deployment followed the successful implementation at the Kalgoorlie Super- Pit in 2006, which is part owned by Newmont.

In addition to routine environmental monitoring data, Newmont's Boddington site is using MP-5's capabilities to manage high resolution data to the full.

Their 5 second blasting and vibration data, 15 minute weather and 10 minute air quality data are all managed through the same MP-5 interface, with custom regulatory and compliance reports being automatically generated.


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