Samarco selects MonitorPro to assist in getting back on track.

We believe that almost everyone in the mining community has heard of the tragic incident that occurred in the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil. Having heard from Imperial Metals’ Mount Polley mine about using MonitorPro and how it greatly helped in their time of need, EHS Data was approached in light of the incident that recently took place.

Before implementing MonitorPro, Samarco succumbed to flaws commonly found with manual data collection, input and reporting. Needless to say, the requirements from Samarco were for a robust and reliable system that could guarantee effective and reliable data management. 

The Time Taken to Import the Data

As you may imagine this can take a long time on the best of days but with the automatic importer in MonitorPro this time was reduced significantly. In addition to the saved time, MonitorPro helped to identify that there were mistakes occurring with the previous manual transcription of data, and corrections could therefore be deployed.


Data Validation

With the pre-checking of data being so simple it allows Samarco to:

  • Manage future dates of monitoring events
  • Catch data that breaches statistical, physical or legal limits all in real time, which allows for immediate action.
  • Duplicate data, with large amounts of data duplicates can be dangerous to have in the mix. MonitorPro finds these for you and brings it to your attention allowing you to add data without the fear of duplications bringing your process to a stop.


Better Organisation

MonitorPro allows for a well organised and more consistent database structure which helps avoid any redundant sample points, whereas before these were commonly found.


Streamlined Processes

Reporting within MonitorPro can be easily automated with the help of Crystal Reports, gathering all the relevant and current data from the database, compiling and producing selected reports.

With the entire process for these reports being fully automated is has significantly increased productivity and quality of work.


Workflow Management

With more than 5 laboratories working for Samarco at the same time, sometimes in the same location it could have been an issue to keep track of which data has come from where and what data is missing and who it is supposed to come from.

But with MonitorPro Samarco is able to monitor the work and progress of each working laboratory through the monitoring schedule features, therefore allowing Samarco to know exactly what has been delivered and what has not.

Getting the correct information from the right lab at the optimal time is now much more effective than ever before.


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