EHS Data to address members of prestigious sustainable mining event

Henrik M Frijs, M.Sc in Environmental Science and Head of Sales & Marketing at EHS Data, will be addressing members at the 6th International Congress of Environment and Sustainable Mining, to be held at the Sheraton Hotel in Santiago, Chile.

The presentation from EHS Data will examine the environmental challenges faced by today’s mining industry, and how an investment in data management technology can drastically reduce compliance risks and help with environmental jurisdictions. 

With over 200 mining clients worldwide, EHS Data provides innovative technology to help drive business performance with their highly acclaimed environmental data management system, MonitorPro.


With 60 expected presentations from 16 countries and over 290 participant’s, the 2019 sustainable mining event is an opportunity to present studies, cases, and solutions on the most relevant environmental and social issues of the global mining industry.

Event participants will have access to share experiences and knowledge with leaders in their area of ​​expertise, from professional networks and share with other professionals in the mining industry.

Sobre Henrik M Frijs

Henrik left his native Sweden to join EHS Data Ltd over 4 years ago. He is a Master of Environmental Science and has over 20 years’ professional experience in the field of sustainable development, sales and management.  Henrik will be available in Santiago from the 4th – 6th September. If your organisation requires advice on environmental reporting please contact Henrik directly via email to arrange a 121 meeting.

Acerca de los datos del EHS

EHS Data es una empresa de software líder en el Reino Unido que proporciona soluciones de gestión de datos medioambientales a más de 1.000 emplazamientos en 40 países de todo el mundo. Durante más de 20 años, nuestra versátil solución de software, MonitorPro, ha ayudado a las organizaciones a ahorrar tiempo, mejorar la planificación, el control de calidad, el análisis de los emplazamientos y la elaboración de informes para gestionar las obligaciones medioambientales y la sostenibilidad. MonitorPro es la primera solución de software EHS que recibe una acreditación MCERTS de la Agencia de Medio Ambiente. En 2020, EHS Data anunció su compromiso de convertirse en una organización de carbono negativo.

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