MonitorPro provides a user with a variety of tools to automate different aspects of the application

Email processor & auto importer

These features allow a user to configure different rules and avenues for data to come into the system, removing the need for manual data entry and processing.

Data verification & quality check

These features can be optimised by utilising the auto importer & compliance tools, performing automated checks for compliance breaches, data duplication & invalid locations or parameters.

Data processes & reporting

These features can then be further optimised by setting up calculations and aggregates to avoid manual work up. Scheduled tasks can then be used to generate monthly and annual reports.

More Features

Compliance checking

Never miss the notification of a breach again. Set up alerts so you know when to take action, allowing you to be proactive about any issues you could face.


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Whatever the frequency or complexity of monitoring, schedule your data collection, receive updates and check completeness.

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Field Data Entry

Entering data while out in the field has never been easier, we have made it possible for you to collect your data even if your mobile device has no internet connection. 

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Complex calculations solved in a matter of seconds, with no chance of human error. The built-in calculator can be used to create simple or complex formulae.

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"We have been using MonitorPro for many years to manage our large quantities of environmental data & found it excellent for importing, storing & reporting to our many stakeholders. We have benefited from EHS's flexibility and willingness to continually develop the product to meet changing demands."

Mark CheethamFCC Environment, UK


MonitorPro can be used in remote locations, out in the field, without the need of a network connection. Data is automatically uploaded to MonitorPro once a valid internet or network connection is available.

Access MonitorPro whenever you need to using a browser-based application which quickly allows you to share, view and interact with your data. As long as you have an internet connection, you can enjoy the freedom of accessing your data whenever you need to.

Scalable Solution

Our clients range from single-site operations to multi-national organisations – all with their own unique environmental data challenges and requirements. The MonitorPro platform is a scalable solution that ensures you get all the functionality you need, without having to invest in features you don’t.
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22 March 2023

EHS Data ISO 27001 Certified

EHS Data ISO 27001 Certified
Case StudiesMining
28 June 2022

Greenstone Gold Mines experience of using MonitorPro

The Greenstone Mine is situated in the Canadian municipality of Greenstone. The business that started exploration drilling there in 2007 thought there was a chance for another gold mine because there had previously been a few underground mines nearby.
gold and copper mineCase StudiesMining
26 April 2022

Gold mining company choose MonitorPro for the management of various environmental data

AngloGold Ashanti as one of the world’s foremost companies in gold exploration, mining, and marketing, has chosen EHS Data as their environmental management supplier.