MonitorPro by EHS Data

An Environmental Data Management System that's beautifully simple

The Smart Approach to Environmental Data Management

EHS Data is the global leader in providing an easy-to-use and efficient solution to manage all environmental and compliance data in one centralised platform. Say goodbye to uncontrolled spreadsheets and manage your environmental data in a modern, flexible software interface.  

With over 25 years of providing environmental data management systems to organisations worldwide, EHS Data’s MonitorPro software is used by more than 200 clients in over 40 countries, with implementations ranging from single-site installation to large multi-site corporate applications.  Our experienced team have a vast knowledge throughout all industries ranging from mines, utilities, waste management, and local authorities meaning we can offer you the best possible solution that suits your environmental compliance needs.   

Why Choose MonitorPro?

By combining years of industry experience and client feedback MonitorPro has been developed to provide powerful features to help manage your environmental data making it the perfect environmental data management solution, including:

  • A user-friendly interface.
  • Inherent flexibility.
  • Accessibility.
  • Internationalisation.
  • Scalability.

These key features help clients fulfil environmental obligations quickly and, in turn, increase efficiency through improved data management, reporting, automation, and visualisation.

MonitorPro's Features and Benefits

MonitorPro is a powerful tool kit for environmental professionals to best utilise their environmental data, reduce manual burden, and improve compliance.

With flexibility and ease of use at its core, MonitorPro boasts a depth of functionality that is all designed to assist environmental professionals in improving data handling, compliance, analysis, and reporting.

Key Features Include:

  • Flexible and easy-to-use scheduling tool to plan and check monitoring is programmed and completed on time.
  • Automated reporting, exporting, and reminder tasks to cover your permit reporting requirements.
  • Highly configurable calculation engine.
  • Professional data visuals and dashboards.
  • Flexible and customisable reporting with dynamic dashboards.
  • MP Field can be used out in the field, and in remote locations.
  • Powerful mapping and satellite imagery technology.
  • Integration with external applications.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Increased productivity with centralised obligations, permits, and policies.
  • Transparent, consistent, and validated reporting to regulators and other stakeholders.
  • Complete and integrated data management system, from real-time monitoring data to managing regulatory obligations and company policies.
  • Improved integration with MonitorPro’s automation tools, giving you more time to validate and trend data.
  • Real-time resolution of issues with email alerts, notifying users immediately where problems need to be resolved.
  • Reducing non-conformance, fines and inspections.

"We have been using MonitorPro for many years to manage our large quantities of environmental data & found it excellent for importing, storing & reporting to our many stakeholders. We have benefited from EHS's flexibility and willingness to continually develop the product to meet changing demands."

Mark CheethamEnvironment Manager - FCC Environment UK

Secure and Certified

EHS data takes cyber security seriously, and to demonstrate our commitment to this, we have attained both ISO 27001 Certified, Cyber Essentials Certified, and have the MCERTS accreditation

MonitorPro is the first and only MCERTS accredited complete Environmental Data Management solution.  MCERTS not only assesses quality processes, such as ISO, but also goes as far as assessing MonitorPro’s database structure and code. This means you can be sure that quality control is first and foremost with MonitorPro.

"Thanks for your efforts on developing MonitorPro to what we want. The guys here are absolutely convinced of its value - and looking forward to taking it to the next stage with the interface. A large part of this is the service and attention you have given us. I really appreciate this and thank you for it.

Environment ManagerMetals Processing Australian Client