Powerful Environmental Data Solutions for Waste Management

Industry standard Environmental Data Management System for waste management companies in the UK

MonitorPro is in continual operation at leading UK waste management organisations. They rely on the system across multiple sites to manage environmental data collection and reporting needs.

The data managed typically includes leachate, groundwater, gas, and fugitive emissions. The volume of data captured by some of the big waste management operators in the UK can be significant. Some organisations have responsibility for environmental monitoring at hundreds of sites. These can range from small scale closed landfill sites which still require ongoing assessment, through to large active landfill sites.

Essential environmental software tools to take the stress out of managing your data

Compliance checking

Never miss the notification of a breach again. Set up alerts so you know when to take action, allowing you to be proactive about any issues you could face.

Validation of data

Improve environmental data quality by automating data entry into one single solution.

Visualisation and dashboards

Drive your environmental performance with MonitorPro’s easy to use platform.

Highly configurable

MonitorPro is flexible enough to manage a wide range of data in one single solution.


Whatever the frequency or complexity of monitoring, schedule your data collection, receive updates and check completeness.

Satellite mapping

Rich mapping functionality you don’t need to be an expert to use.

MonitorPro Family

In my experience, a database is a key tool and we have several personnel dedicated to managing it and updating it regularly. In the UK it is seen as the Industry-standard within the waste industry."

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Waste Management Case Studies

Case Studies

UK’s Leading Waste Management Company Using MonitorPro

Our client owns a large number of operational and closed sites across the UK.  Since 2004, they have been using MonitorPro to manage several data types. There are currently 45…
Case Studies

UK Waste Management Company Utilises MonitorPro Software

MonitorPro has now replaced the manual use of 643 spreadsheets and provides a holistic environment view to manage and report their environmental data.
Case Studies

MonitorPro: Monitoring Environmental Impact of Radioactive Waste

MonitorPro utilises the compliance grid system to highlight data that is out with the usual range of the historical data. It automatically emails a report highlighting unusual data, enhancing the…