MonitorPro: Powerful Environmental Reporting for Government and Regulators

MonitorPro provides the perfect tool for regulators and governmental organisations to easily and effectively manage their environmental data

In most countries, environmental regulators are responsible for collecting, processing, storing, and reviewing vast amounts of data which is collected and submitted to them by operators. MonitorPro isn’t only an effective tool for operators to help collect and collate environmental monitoring data but is equally effective for regulators and government organisations. MonitorPro offers time savings through automation and more effective analysis of the data. This means regulators and government organisations can spend more time reviewing data for compliance and completeness than manually processing and handling the data.

Versatility within MonitorPro means a wide variety of data from different sources can be managed in one centralised location

Data can be automatically imported directly into MonitorPro via email in a range of different file formats. Reports and exports can be automated to review imported data, and compliance issues automatically highlighted saving regulators a significant amount of time compared to manual compliance checking. Data can be quickly and easily shared around the organisation via reports and dashboards. This data is also quickly available for public information requests or for further or in depth analysis.

EHS Data have successfully implemented MonitorPro with a number of regulators and regional and county councils in several countries, offering systems to enable them to better manage their environmental data.

Mackay Regional Council

Mackay Regional Council uses MonitorPro to manage monitoring data across several departments within council. The highly flexible structure of MonitorPro means that all this information with different frequency, format, and origin can be managed in one single, central database.

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The Environment Agency

The EA collates huge amounts of data in various formats which needs to be analysed and reported.  MonitorPro provides a centralised, automated, monitoring and reporting tool with staff receiving automatic warnings if reports are not submitted on time, if data is missing, or if there are Permit Breaches.

Case Study

City of Marion

MonitorPro has successfully provided an automated way of bringing external and internal sets of data together for the City of Marion. Additional benefits have included automated imports, real time compliance warnings, and improved data analysis.

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  • Email importer automatically imports data from multiple sources, including labs, loggers, and weather stations. Combining data from multiple sources in one place.
  • Seamless integration with existing systems and data loggers.
  • Flexible and easily configurable compliance.


  • Data in one location is imported from various sources via email, including labs, loggers, and weather stations.
  • Make informed decisions by receiving alerts if there is an issue with a particular data stream.
  • Flexible email rules to pick up files from a wide variety of sources.

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  • Integrate with systems including Aveva PI, and SCADA.
  • Connect directly with Tableau and PowerBI Reports.
  • External systems including ArcGIS, eCOC.
  • Onward integration with external stakeholder systems.

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  • Easily set up to match regulatory limits.
  • Advanced options to include dynamic conditionality such as calculated limits, or consecutive exceedances.
  • Support for seasonal, daily or other date or time based compliance.

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The selection function saves me a lot of time when it comes to my statutory reporting on drinking water and environmental compliance.

Adele SwantonWater Services Environmental Officer, Mackay Regional Council

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