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City of Marion

A professional environmental and sustainability information management solution, particularly suited for industries related to natural resources. MonitorPro is globally tested and used in water and waste water industries, as well as waste management, metals and mining.


City of Marion, Australia, has transformed a large park into a wetland capable of harvesting enough water to fill 160 Olympic size swimming pools. As part of this they have introduced a storm water reuse scheme which will be able to capture, clean and store 400 million litres of storm water each year, through the construction of an aquifer system.
This water will then be distributed to irrigate council parks in the area.

The Aquifer

To secure the aquifer’s ability to store treated storm water, it is necessary to continuously monitor the quality of the water through collection and analysis of water samples. Breaches or risks to strict quality requirements must be alerted immediately so that corrective actions can be executed instantaneously to protect the properties of the aquifer.
The City of Marion have selected an innovative monitoring solution to secure the uninterrupted quality of the water entering the aquifer and to make sure of an effective warning system in case there is risk of contamination or inferior quality.

Automatic Quality control and Early Warning System

Prior to having MonitorPro installed, one challenge the city faced, was around the collection of external data which was not easily attained without expending significant time. Implementation of MonitorPro has given the City of Marion significant benefits:

  • Automated import of data from outside the city’s own IT system (import from SCADA system).
  • No further need for any manual input from users.
  • Automated import of laboratory data as standard.
  • Instant alerts to make them aware of any exceedance of compliance limits, which meant regulators could be notified within a compliant timeframe.
  • A central location for all data which allows for an easy to use a system of analysing and reporting on the performance.


MonitorPro has successfully provided an automated way of bringing external and internal sets of data together for the City of Marion. Additional benefits for the authorities have been automated imports, real time compliance warnings and improved data analysis which has secured the quality of the water in the aquifer.

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