Benefits of MonitorPro

Untangle your data!

MonitorPro gives your organisation a single, centralised source of environmental and sustainability data and reporting for the entire operation. Through an easy to use interface you can manage data and produce accurate reporting and analytics – quickly and painlessly. MonitorPro also integrates with MS Office easily, so it fits with your existing workflow. This not only makes managing environmental data easier, but it also makes sure that you get the full benefit of MonitorPro’s capabilities.

Reduce non-compliance risk

  • Clear, consistent and validated reporting to regulators and other stakeholders, reducing the risk of prosecution whilst increasing productivity.
  • Centralise obligations, permits and policies, and link them to their related conditions and requirements.
  • Provides a complete and integrated data management system, from raw real time monitoring data all the way through to the management of regulatory obligations and company policies.

User Friendly

  • Easily highlight compliance warnings.
  • Clearly view the status of tasks and obligation conditions.
  • Modern user interface.
  • Easily create and customise dashboards.
  • Seamless integration with 3rd Party applications.
  • Easy to use mapping functionality.

Trusted Brand

  • Established in 1996.
  • Trusted in over 40 countries.
  • Over 1,000 users across several industries.
  • MCerts Certified.
  • Microsoft Silver Application Developer Partner.


  • Can be used in remote locations, or out in the field.
  • Network connectivity is not required for field data entry.
  • Automatic upload of field data once a valid connection is available.
  • Access MonitorPro data whenever needed using a browser-based application.

Scalable solution

Our clients range from single-site operations to multi-national organisations – all with their own unique environmental data challenges and requirements. The MonitorPro platform is a scalable solution that ensures you get all the functionality you need, without having to invest in features you don’t.
MCerts Family

Quality assured

Environmental data compliance is a risk in any business; not something to be left to chance. That’s why we have made sure MonitorPro is the first and only MCERTS accredited complete Environmental Data Management solution.

MCERTS not only assesses quality processes, such as ISO, but also goes as far as assessing MonitorPro’s database structure and code. This means you can be sure that quality control is first and foremost with MonitorPro.

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In addition to the basic set up we asked for an automatic import function to make data importation more efficient and the compliance grid function which aids with setting new control and trigger levels.

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