MonitorPro Training

MonitorPro training designed around your unique needs

EHS Data has provided high quality MonitorPro training for over 20 years. We work with some of the world’s biggest and most celebrated brands. There is a mixture of both single site and multi-site operations. Once they’re with us, they tend to stay with EHS Data and go on to invest further in MonitorPro, their users, and their environmental data strategy.

MonitorPro training

EHS Data provides a range of training services, from beginner to advanced, to refresh skills, on site, at our offices or short focussed online courses. We routinely provide clients bespoke courses tailored to suit their specific requirements. All courses can be offered at our offices in the UK or at the client’s site(s) or office. 

Our training options

MonitorPro User Training

On-site user training sessions last up to 8 hours and are suited to new MonitorPro users. Here is a comprehensive list of course elements.

    • Explore the database and discover how to work with your data.
    • Use data selections to produce different formats, including graphs and pivot tables.
    • How to manage dashboards and the calendar.
    • Understand the MonitorPro interface and key concepts.
    • Record and upload data, and download and view monitoring visits.

MonitorPro Administrator Training

On-site user training sessions lasting up to 16 hours and are suited to MonitorPro users looking to understand more detailed functionality. 

    • Control panel navigation and modify the data structure.
    • Create and configure auto-importing.
    • Create and manage monitoring schedules and calculations.
    • Manage user licenses, delegate selection and data set access rights.
    • Create compliance grids and advanced compliance functions.
    • Control variable type settings and group objects.
    • Delegate selections and data set access.

MonitorPro Training Online Sessions

EHS Data provides an online alternative to face-to-face MonitorPro training while still allowing you full access to the system. Our engaging online training sessions are tailored to suit your requirements and last from 1-3 hours. Recordings of the live training sessions are available.

Bespoke Training Sessions

In addition to our MonitorPro training sessions, our team provides bespoke programs, tailored or highly customised to your specifications and based on your particular requirements. MonitorPro users are limited to 10 per session and are split into pairs. Each should ideally have access to a laptop or a desktop and a connection to MonitorPro.

All sessions are assessed and a certificate will be provided on successful completion. Successful completion of the courses will require the attendees to practically demonstrate a number of the skills learned in the session.

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