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Today’s energy industry faces numerous challenges, from national and international regulations to the uncertainty of future climate policies

Working closely with our clients we understand that the large volumes of process and emissions data collected is generally well automated in proprietary systems such as OSISoft PI. What clients often lack is a collective reporting tool that can manage both high volume and periodic data in the same solution. MonitorPro can offer simplification of the process so users can more easily access the data they need for regulatory and internal process reporting.  

MonitorPro provides a streamlined and flexible approach to data collection, analysis and reporting

MonitorPro streamlines data integration and management by consolidating air emissions, cooling water, and process data into one platform, supporting integration with systems like Aveva PI and SCADA. It simplifies complex data for regulatory and internal reporting while its powerful calculation engine converts high-volume data into easily usable forms.

MonitorPro is Highly Configurable

With flexibility and ease of use at its core, MonitorPro is suitable for a range of data types and means that information with different frequency, format and origin can be managed in one single, central database

Power Stations

For years, power stations across the globe, from the UK to Australia have turned to MonitorPro to utilise our comprehensive, well integrated, and user-friendly system to help simplify their complex data management and reporting requirements.

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Water Treatment

Water treatment companies have leveraged MonitorPro’s capability to integrate high-volume logger and process data with periodic field and lab samples into a single, user-friendly tool for management, reporting, and dashboarding.

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  • Flexible and easily configurable compliance.
  • Seamless integration with existing systems and data loggers.
  • Email importer automatically imports data from multiple sources, including labs, loggers, and weather stations. Combining data from multiple sources in one place.


  • Easily set up to match regulatory limits.
  • Advanced options to include dynamic conditionality such as calculated limits, or consecutive exceedances.
  • Support for seasonal, daily or other date or time based compliance.

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  • Integrate with systems including Aveva PI, and SCADA.
  • Connect directly with Tableau and PowerBI Reports.
  • External systems including ArcGIS, eCOC.
  • Onward integration with external stakeholder systems.

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  • Data in one location is imported from various sources via email, including labs, loggers, and weather stations.
  • Make informed decisions by receiving alerts if there is an issue with a particular data stream.
  • Flexible email rules to pick up files from a wide variety of sources.

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The training and technical reports I have received from EHS Data are very helpful. I find the program very intuitive and I have been able to further develop and expand on the data we capture.

Environmental OfficerWater Treatement Client

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