SaaS with MonitorPro and how it can Help Your Business Manage its Environmental Data

Is Your System Under Performing?

Then look no further than transferring to our hosted platform. We offer our hosted services in a variety of geographic locations including the UK, Canada, USA, and Australia.

We manage the licensing side of things, including MSSQL, operating systems, and associated software required to use MonitorPro, such as Microsoft Office. We use the latest, enterprise-level hardware and refresh our hardware every 2 years to ensure our clients always get the best performance and eliminate the possibility of failures.

What is SaaS and How Can it Benefit Your Business?

With SaaS you rent the licenses for a proportion of the perpetual cost and host with us.

The Advantages:

  • Lower upfront cost for licensing.
  • Dedicated IT team to look after the hosted platform.
  • Our team is never too busy to fix your issues, it’s what they are here for!
  • Superfast Gigabit connectivity to all our servers!
  • Always upgraded to the latest version within 30 days of release.
  • All accessed through your web browser.
  • Servers specially designed and spec’d out to be able to handle even the heaviest of loads.
  • Choice of a shared or dedicated hosting solution dependent on your requirements.

Fast Response

Guaranteed Access

Fastest Updates

No Middle Man

No Upgrade Costs

Best Server Admin

SaaS with MonitorPro and it's Experienced Team is the Perfect Solution for Successfully Managing your Environmental Data

Many of our clients are now utilising the benefits of outsourcing their application hosting. Including the removal of the need to replace and maintain aging hardware, lagging behind with software release schedules and updates, IT departments with conflicting priorities, and the provision of application support specific to MonitorPro through our dedicated MonitorPro team.

Our IT support staff and our developers only support and develop MonitorPro, so are experts in what they do. Most application support staff in large organisations simply cannot be expected to have an in-depth knowledge of each bespoke application they are tasked with supporting. This can mean that support and assistance is less than perfect and they simply act as a go-between. Simple issues can be protracted to resolve and users can get frustrated.

Hosting your MonitorPro with EHS Data takes away all these problems. Only our staff are involved and we can quickly and easily resolve problems. We keep your hardware updated to the latest specifications and update MonitorPro for you seamlessly when it’s released.

"We have recently switched to the EHS Data hosting platform which is far more superior to our previous internal hosting solution. Our team have already reported significant performance gains, especially in the operating speed."

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Want to Find out More?

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SaaS Hosting with MonitorPro

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