EHS Data is ISO 27001 Certified

What is ISO 27001?

ISO 27001 is the world’s best-known standard for information security management systems (ISMS). It highlights requirements that an ISMS system must meet, providing guidance for establishing, implementing, maintaining, and continually improving a ISMS (, 2024) and is vital for companies to ensure IT security and privacy protection. 

If a company conforms with ISO 27001 it means that they have successfully implemented a system to manage risks related to the security of data handled by that company, and consequently that the system adheres to the best practices and principles contained within the standard.

Why is ISO 27001 Essential?

Threats from cyber attacks are continually emerging and evolving, and attacks on businesses can be extremely damaging. This highlights the requirement of a system that can help companies both identify and resolve potential weaknesses within their systems.

There are three principles of information security in ISO 27001 which include ( 2024):

  • Confidentiality: only the right people can access information held by the company.
  • Information integrity: Data used by the company is reliably stored and not erased/damaged.
  • Availability of data: The company and clients can access their required data when necessary.

Key Benefits of ISO 27001

The key advantages of having ISO 27001 certification include (, 2024):

  • Being resilient to cyber-attacks.
  • Being prepared for potential threats.
  • Data integrity, confidentiality and availability.
  • Secure information in all data (paper-based, cloud-based, digital data)
  • Organisation-wide protection.

This ensures that EHS Data can be trusted to safeguard your data.

ISO 27001 certified

ISO 27001 and EHS Data

EHS Data offers Software as a Service (SaaS) to companies, with popularity for this option significantly increasing over the last few years. SaaS removes the need for organisations to manage their data and systems themselves and instead EHS Data offers a cloud computing platform which hosts the MonitorPro system. 

As a result, to continue in our efforts to provide industry-leading service to all our clients and ensure all our data is kept securely, EHS Data completed the process to become ISO 27001 certified in 2023 and has successfully maintained this certification since, covering the entire service delivery process.

ISO 27001 and MonitorPro Implementations

Having ISO 27001 certification is often a requirement of clients IT departments, and since MonitorPro already has this certification it can greatly streamline the process of gaining approvals to externally host your data with us.

By being ISO 27001 certified EHS Data makes every effort to secure clients’ data while being hosted:

  • Data is never copied/moved outside of the documented backup processes without instruction/authorisation from the client.
  • Robust Back up procedures.
  • Strong passwords kept securely.  Standard ports are not utilised and generic users are deleted.
  • Remote access to the servers is strictly limited and all non-essential ports are closed.
  • Client access to hosted environments are offered via user-specific usernames and strong passwords.

Want to Find out More?

Contact us at for more information on our ISO 27001 certification.

MonitorPro also has the MCERTS Accreditation

MonitorPro also has the MCERTS accreditation, and was first EHS Software solution to receive an MCERTS accreditation from the Environmental Agency.  

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