MonitorPro: Environmental Reporting for the Metals & Minerals Processing Industry

MonitorPro is trusted by large processing organisations worldwide for managing their environmental data

MonitorPro assists our metals and minerals processing clients to manage the large volume of data they are required to collect, in one central solution. MonitorPro combines process data, emissions data, and more periodic monitoring requirements for centralised reporting and data analysis.

Through close working with our metals and minerals processing clients we are aware of the specific challenges they encounter and have continually developed MonitorPro to be flexible enough to deal with the most complex industrial processes and associated monitoring.

MonitorPro is Perfectly Suited for Environmental Data Management in Metals and Minerals Processing

With MonitorPro reporting is automated as far as possible which significantly improves accuracy and decreases the amount of time required to import, analyse, and report, meaning more time can be spent managing any environmental impacts.  Environmental data from disparate sources and different locations can be compared and analysed all in one centralised location.  This is essential when operating over multiple sites in different locations, which may also be processing different materials.

MonitorPro is Highly Configurable

As MonitorPro is so flexible it can be implemented to suit the needs of multiple site operations, and since it’s one centralised system it also provides much needed consistency. Meaning minerals and metals processing sites can manage their environmental data much more efficiently, effectively, and appropriately. As a result MonitorPro eliminates the need for spreadsheets and manual processes streamlining both internal and external data collection processes.

Copper Refinery

Glencore CRL implemented MonitorPro at their copper refinery and port facility in Townsville, Australia. Environmental compliance is monitored across both locations, and an automated management system with powerful flexibility and high frequency reporting was essential. The team utilise MonitorPro functions such as compliance highlighting, scheduling and automated reports to significantly reduce their administrative workload.

Case Study

Steel Works

A major steel manufacturer in Australia implemented MonitorPro as an effective and flexible solution that covers all of their environmental data management requirements at two different sites.  Utilising MP Field for data collection and the automated processes within MonitorPro which has eliminated the need for spreadsheets and manual processes, streamlining both their internal and external data collection processes.

Case Study


  • MP Field provides reliable field data entry even in remote locations. Data entry without the need for an internet connection while in the field.
  • Email importer automatically imports data from multiple sources, including labs, loggers, and weather stations. Combining data from multiple sources in one place.
  • Flexible and easily configurable compliance.


  • MP Field ensures there are no transcription errors, data is validated and imported directly into MonitorPro.
  • Reduce data errors with data validation and special input options such as drop-down menus and date pickers.
  • Easy onboarding of users with built-in mapping to help users navigate to sample locations.

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  • Data in one location is imported from various sources via email, including labs, loggers, and weather stations.
  • Make informed decisions by receiving alerts if there is an issue with a particular data stream.
  • Flexible email rules to pick up files from a wide variety of sources.

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  • Easily set up to match regulatory limits.
  • Advanced options to include dynamic conditionality such as calculated limits, or consecutive exceedances.
  • Support for seasonal, daily or other date or time based compliance.

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MonitorPro is exactly what we needed; an environmental data management and reporting system that is highly capable.

Senior Environmental AdvisorCopper Refineries (CRL) ltd

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