Features of MonitorPro

MonitorPro delivers a comprehensive view of your environmental performance through a range of powerful and intuitively designed features

EHS Data is the global leader in providing an easy-to-use and efficient solution to manage all environmental and compliance data in one highly configurable platform.

We’ve combined our industry experience with several decades of client interaction and feedback to build the most comprehensive environmental database management system on the market.

As a result, MonitorPro can improve your company’s efficiency and financial benefits through improved data management, reporting, automation, and visualisation.

MonitorPro family

MonitorPro is a powerful tool kit for environmental professionals to best utilise their environmental data, reduce manual burden and improve compliance

With flexibility and ease of use at its core, MonitorPro boasts a depth of functionality that is all designed to assist environmental professionals in improving data handling, compliance, analysis, and reporting.

The Features of MonitorPro

Monitoring Scheduler

Flexible and easy-to-use scheduling tool to plan and check monitoring is scheduled and completed on time

  • Receive reports by email to tell you if a sampling location has been missed, or the lab hasn’t completed the scheduled lab suite.
  • Plug in details about your sample bottles, preservatives, and costs to generate bottle labels, chain of custodies and cost reports.
More information on monitoring schedules

Task Scheduler

Automated reporting, exporting, and reminder tasks to cover your permit reporting requirements

  • Automatically send reports and exports to contacts sent via email, at a designated frequency.
  • Ensure site tasks and permit conditions are met by setting reminder tasks. Add an escalation contact to ensure any missed tasks are followed up.
More information on task scheduling


 Highly configurable calculation engine

  •  Including aggregations and a library of predefined functions.
  •  When relevant data is imported, the calculator will run and perform calculations on any required results. These results can then be subject to compliance limits, alerts, or used in outputs like any other data.
More information on calculations


MonitorPro provides professional data visuals and dashboards

  • Drive your environmental performance with MonitorPro’s compelling and interactive graphical interface.
  • Plan, manage and report strategic data easily and effortlessly.
  • Easy to use graphing options: bar, line, pie, combo, and wind rose.
More information on graphing


Flexible and customisable reporting with dynamic dashboards

  • Dynamic customisable dashboards showing a variety of widgets, with reports, graphs, and mapping available.
  • Standard and custom reporting templates to match regulatory and internal reporting standards
  • A range of standard and custom exports, including common regulatory uploads such as Ontario’s MEWS and British Columbia’s EMS.
More information on reporting

MP Field

MP Field can be used in remote locations or out in the field.

  • Enter data out in the field on any modern smart device, even without network connectivity.
  • Upload monitoring data straight into the database as soon as you are connected to a network.
  • Reduce data input errors with data validation and input options including drop down lists and date pickers.
More information on MP Field


Powerful mapping and satellite imagery technology

  • Easily locate and view sample point locations.
  • Overlay thematic or compliance layers onto the map.
  • Add areas of interest and associated data.
  • Free HERE and Sentinel Mapping.
  • Up to date satellite mapping, with in-built indices.
More information on mapping


Integration with external applications

  • Import your data via API.
  • Email Importer.
  • Connection directly into Tableau or PowerBI reports.
  • Other external applications: Arc Map GIS, eCOC.
  • Onward integration with external stakeholder systems.
More information on integration

Want to Find Out More?

For more information on MonitorPro check out our why choose MonitorPro or benefits of MonitorPro pages or contact us at enquiries@ehsdata.com.

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"I've found that one of the best features is the compliance breach automated emails. There is something very reassuring in knowing that as soon as data makes it into MonitorPro (which can obviously be very rapid with auto importer) you will be notified of any issues without having to go through all the data looking for problems.

Environmental ManagerGold Mining Client

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