Calculations in MonitorPro

The calculator built into MonitorPro can be used to create simple or complex formulae.  When the relevant data is imported, the calculator will run and perform calculations on any required results. These results can then be subject to compliance limits, alerts, or used in outputs like any other data.

A highly configurable calculation engine including functions such as IF, Log, Power, Square etc. Purpose-built calculation workflow for Aggregates (min, max, avg, %ile, etc) along with a predefined calculation library for a number of common functions.

  • Data is automatically calculated on import.
  • Results can then be subject to compliance limits, alerts, or used in outputs.
  • View the calculation history and root data.
  • See the original data that was used to create the current value and the subsequent calculations where that data is then later used.
  • A full audit trail of all changes made is recorded and visible to the user.

I'm finding that the calculation function saves lots of time! The main use for it on site here is interpolating water volumes in a pit from a monthly level pick up without having to trawl through excel spreadsheets and calculate the corresponding level to the nth degree. A great time saver.

Sarah WatsonMining Client

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