Beneficios de MonitorPro

Ordene sus datos

MonitorPro gives your entire organisation a centralised and secure source of environmental and sustainability data, all within easy reach. Through an intuitive interface, users can manage their data workflows and produce accurate reporting and analytics – quickly and painlessly. MonitorPro also integrates with your other systems, to further enhance your existing processes.

Reducir el riesgo de incumplimiento

  • Presentación de informes claros, coherentes y validados a los organismos reguladores y otras partes interesadas, reduciendo el riesgo de enjuiciamiento y aumentando al mismo tiempo la productividad.
  • Centralizar las obligaciones, permisos y políticas, y vincularlas a sus condiciones y requisitos conexos.
  • Provides a complete and integrated data management system, from raw real-time monitoring data all the way through to the management of regulatory obligations and company policies.

All Data in A Single Location

  • Improved data collaboration in real-time with a centrally managed database.
  • Improved productivity with multi-user access to data when users need it.
  • A central source of truth in reporting and analysis.
  • Faster data analysis and trending.
  • Data is always up to date and current.

Significantly Improved Data Quality

  • Database backups ensure integrity and rapid disaster recovery
  • Removing data quality issues with validation tools to ensure your data is checked on import and users notified when issues occur.
  • Don’t miss monitoring with scheduled reminders of requirements and alerts when missing/overdue.
  • User roles allow the right access and control of your data.

Improved Stakeholder Confidence and Data Assurance

  • MonitorPro offers assurance for your own company data, with improved regulator confidence.
  • Reduced non-conformance, fines and inspections.
  • Greater data robustness when managing complaints and greater transparency to local stakeholders.
Cumplimiento de MonitorPro

A System That Can Grow and Adapt With Your Business

  • Flexibility at the core, our clients range from single-site operations to multi-national organisations.
  • A powerful environmental data management solution, that is highly configurable, allowing users to shape MonitorPro to industry, regional or organizational needs.
  • Easy to induct new users to a single system.
  • Flexibility, easily add new objects and remove/archive old ones.

Save time and money through automation and connectivity

  • Reduce time spent on routine reporting and tasks with MonitorPro’s automation tools.
  • More time to validate and trend data by making it work for you.
  • Quickly access powerful in-built tools for data visualisation.
  • Real time resolution of issues with email alerts notifying users immediately where there are issues to resolve.

Calidad asegurada

El cumplimiento de los datos ambientales es un riesgo en cualquier negocio; no es algo que se deje al azar. Por eso nos hemos asegurado de que MonitorPro sea la primera y única solución completa de Gestión de Datos Ambientales acreditada por MCERTS.

MCERTS no sólo evalúa los procesos de calidad, como la ISO, sino que también llega a evaluar la estructura y el código de la base de datos del MonitorPro. Esto significa que puede estar seguro de que el control de calidad es ante todo con MonitorPro.

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"Además de la configuración básica, solicitamos una función de importación automática para hacer más eficiente la importación de datos y la función de cuadrícula de cumplimiento que ayuda a establecer nuevos niveles de control y de activación.

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EHS Data ISO 27001 Certified

EHS Data ISO 27001 Certified

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